About Me

Hi, I'm Sharlene Wilcox. I am a mom of two crazy amazing boys, and a beautiful bright daughter. I have a passion for healthy living and yummy nourishing foods. In my life I have had challenges in my parenting and personal health. The juggling that a parent does can make finding balance tricky. I started trying to find answers to my challenges about 10 years ago when my sons were young. There just had to be a way to find balance I thought. So, I began on my long journey of researching for ways to get my kids interested in healthy food, getting excersise, and balancing my needs with theirs. I found some things very helpful, and others that didn't work for our situation. Then, I found The Institute of Intregrated Nutrition. I had found my tribe, and my calling. My education, and experience gave me a new perspective. Two of my favorites were Bio-individuality, and Progress over perfection. Bio-individuality made so much more sense to me than fad dieting. We are all individuals and our health should take that into account. It explained so much on why so many things I tried hadn't worked. Progress over perfection was the best thing I took away by far. As a woman and a mom, I had put so much pressure on myself to get it all done, get it all right. I had overlooked any progress I had made..in search of perfection. This concept really changed my life. I began paying more attention to my progress, and less on my "mistakes". And believe me, I was shocked at how well I progressed by taking that pressure off. I decided then. I wanted to help fellow moms to find their health and happiness. We are manifesting the future. The future of our children and families, and of society. Being a role model for those around us. We can make the world a better place one step, one woman at a time. Generations of health starts with you!